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3 Para - Palestine 1945-1948

The sole purpose of this website is to trace members of the 3rd Bn. Parachute Regiment, who served in Palestine during the period 1945-48 and, if possible, reunite them with old friendsthey haven't seen since demob. So far the website has traced over 60 members of the battalion reuniting most of them with old friends they hadn't seen for 50 - 60 years, and have enjoyed several reunions at venues around the country.

Parachute Regiment Association

The Constitution Objective is:


To promote the efficiency of the Parachute Regiment and Airborne Forces by fostering espirit de corps and maintaining contact between past and present members thereof. To relieve either generally or individually persons who are serving or who have served in The Parachute Regiment and Airborne Forces or the dependents of such persons who are in conditions of need hardship or distress.


Membership of the Association is open to all ranks past and present of the Parachute Regiment, regular and TA, including members of other regiments who have served or are serving a tour with the Parachute Regiment. In addition all others who have served or are serving with a British Airborne Formation or Unit are eligible for membership

Pegasus Magazine

Pegasus is the Regimental Journal of the Parachute Regiment and is published three times a year with two Journals and one YEARBOOK. The YEARBOOK is now dedicated to the PRA and the Journals also carry important PRA news as well as Obituaries and Last Post. In order that we can maintain the standard now established we need to ensure that readers renew subscriptions and encourage others to order their own copy.

Eden Camp

The official website for Eden Camp Modern History Theme Museum.

First opened to the public in 1987 and, with the help and support of visitors, have grown into one of the largest and most comprehensive museums covering British military and social history from 1914 onwards.

Farr Out Publications

Design and typesetting services. Simple – speedy – cost effective.

Helion and Company

One of the world's leading specialist publishers & booksellers of military history.

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